Commercial and Residential Low Voltage Cabling

Our technicians have over 35 years of experience combined. We take pride in all of our cabling jobs, no matter the size. Our projects are planned to the “T.” We do a complete blueprint, scope of work, and proposal for pricing and materials. We happily complete each job beyond the client’s satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our work. Next time you are moving office equipment, moving into a new building, or dealing with a messy IT closet, call the Brainiacs at 973-607-3743 Option 3. We’ll be happy to discuss your cabling needs.

Getting Started

  • Complete Project Survey & Scope of Work
    • Calculate Cable Drops
    • Calculate Materials Needed
    • Blueprint of the MDF & IDF
      • Paint & Mount Back Board
      • Build & Mount 2/4 Pole Rack or 2/3/4 Inch Wall Rack
      • Professional Mounting
        • Ladder Racks, J-hooks, Wall Cabinets, EMT

Getting the Job Done

  • Complete Installation, terminations, testing, and labeling
    • This includes
      • Cable drops
      • Plate terminations, patch panel terminations, fiber terminations, back bone terminations
      • Point-to-point testing
        • Complete report of testing results
      • Complete labeling job
  • Install and mount customer network equipment
    • Switches, Server, Router, UPS, Patch Panel, etc.
    • Custom patch cables
    • Cable dressing
    • Installation of Access Points Based on Customer’s Location Request

Cabling Projects

  • VOIP Systems
  • Network Surveillance Systems
  • TV, Projector and Smartboard Mount & Installation
  • Relocation & Installation of Network Equipment including PCs, Printers, MDF, etc.
  • Network Closet Clean Up
    • Cable replacement
    • Cable Dressing

Cable technicians are ready to deploy 24/7

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TV installation


Projector installation